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What are Incubators and Enterprise Development  (ED) Programmes?

Incubators and Enterprise Development(ED) Programmes are designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies and SMMEs, by providing them with supportive resources and services (including financial and non-financial services). These may include provision of free or low-cost workspace; mentorship; expertise; access to investors/funding opportunities; and/or capital in the form of loans. 

 Below is a list of Government and Corporate Incubators and Enterprise Development Programmes to consider.

Finfind (Pty) Ltd Registration Number 2015/059052/07

Lillies Quarter Lifestyle Centre,
12 Old Main Road,
South Africa

Finfind provides its services free of charge to businesses seeking finance. Our primary purpose is to link SMEs with all the relevant finance providers and finance products that match their funding needs. As a matching service, we are not required to be a registered finance provider as we do not loan money directly.